The New Zealand Health Design Council (NZHDC) is a network of professionals dedicated to advancing quality in the design, planning and management of New Zealand’s health facility infrastructure. The NZHDC meets on a regular basis, generally on the third Tuesday of each month.

Aims & Objectives

1. To establish a shared future vision for health design in New Zealand

2. To contribute to NZ health strategy, policy & processes

3. To promote quality, consistency and effectiveness of health design across all projects

4. To promote sharing of knowledge, information & experience about health design

5. To align with other agencies in the sector – (such as, MoH, AHIA, Project Directors, Colleges,, GBC, EECA)

6. To build and support a network of health design professionals

7. To promote and support research & innovation in health design

8. To promote and support training & education in health design

9. To provide a voice for the NZ health design industry


1. Hold regular (monthly) forums with relevant topics & speakers

2. Organise regular (biannual) conference or seminar

3. Encourage members to report on experience/projects/visits – NZ & international

4. Facilitate feedback & support for clients & projects (such as POE, innovations, technology)

5. Maintain links with international portals, research, & other similar organisations

6. Collect and share research & library information

7. Liaise with MoH/NHB on behalf of the NZ health design industry

8. Support research & study in health design

9. Recognise and promote good practice and outstanding projects 10. Encourage dialogue by defining & supporting agreed health design terms, guidelines and principles