New Zealand 90% Vaccination Support

New Zealand Health Design Council have decided to support the New Zealand 90% Vaccination Support Give a Little campaign.

This campaign, initiated by our colleague Rachael Rush, is intended to supercharge vaccination in smaller communities throughout Aotearoa by providing tangible incentives to local organisations to apply as they know best.  Northland and Waikato regions are live now and other regions will be added shortly.

The benefits include supporting our clinical colleagues and clients, helping reduce the potential increased demand on our health system and simply protecting as many people as we can.

NZHDC are contributing $20,000 this week to kick start the fund, and we ask members to consider making contributions, either as companies or individually. And we ask you to promote this initiative to your networks.

Health is close to all our hearts. We all work closely with those in the sector who will be acutely affected if we don’t get vaccination rates up.

We know our members are fantastic and part of businesses who will be willing to contribute to getting the whole of New Zealand to 90% vaccination fast!

Thank you for your support and for sharing this with your wider network.

Darryl Carey – on behalf of the NZHDC Committee

Initiative Details

The plan is simple. Get NZ vaccinated as fast as possible targeting the districts with the lowest vaccination rates.

Starting with Northland and Waikato as regions at high risk from Delta spreading from Auckland the plan is to provide Vaccination Incentive support direct to established networks for the greatest benefit.

How does it work?

  • The Give a Little page will receive donations for vouchers ‘NZ 90% Vaccination Support’
  • Choose a region to support
  • Funds buy supermarket vouchers that are couriered direct to identified Iwi organisations to support vaccination initiatives
  • Foodstuffs are on board and have committed 5% discount on each voucher up to an initial $100,000 cap
  • Other regions with the lowest vaccination rates will be added as we go